Friday, September 21, 2007

Summary of steps for NURSING IN NEW ZEALAND

Steps Simplified ( We will post a detailed step by step and tips later)

1. You need to take IELTS , 7.0 in all bands.
2. Apply at the Nursing Council of New Zealand (they will give you an approval letter so that you can apply for CAP )
3. Apply for the CAP in an accredited CAP provider ( they will give you an Offer of Place - you need this to be able to apply for a Visa.
4. Pay the school Fees.
5. Apply for a Visitors Visa
6. Go to New Zealand and finish the CAP.
7. Apply for a nursing license at NCNZ
8. Apply for a job and secure a job offer
9. Apply for a work permit
10. Start working!

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mummy faiqs said...

thank you.this looks less complicated although it is tedious.:)