Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nursing in New Zealand

So you are a Licensed Registered Nurse in the Philippines eh? And you are not sure about the current retrogression issue in the US huh? And now you are seriously considering trying your luck in New Zealand , well this site is for you. But , have you really done your homework/research about life in New Zealand for migrants? (I suggest that you do your research first!) .Then if you are really sure , then continue reading , this site might be helpful to you.

Getting licensed as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand is no easy task , it involves a lot of steps which consumes time and money of course! But you do not have to worry since all that you have to know is already in the internet . All you have to do is read and understand the important websites and viola you are ready to start with the processing. Save your self a few bucks ( or thousands perhaps!) Do your own research and let this site be a helpful guide to you.

P.S. We are not an agency , we do not earn a single centavo out of this . This site serves only as a guide of the whole process . We advise that you visit and read the relevant websites for updated informations/fee . We are not in any way responsible for your application. Some information contained in this site is based on actual experiences of previous applicants , individual applicants are assessed based on their submitted documents , which are assessed on a case to case basis.


Anonymous said...

Thanks admin for this generous hand to lend to our fellow Filipinos.

Anonymous said...

This is sooo informative!!! Keep it up admin!