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STEPS 7 , 8, 9 & 10

Upon arrival in New Zealand , make sure to make friends (specially to your CAP classmates) life in NZ could be lonely at times...During your free time , try to experience the different sites and activities that NZ has to offer..explore and have a wonderful time.Try also to visit the different cities in NZ so that you can choose where to apply for work after the CAP...

The best time to send out your CV to different Hospitals in NZ is 3 weeks before CAP graduation(try to send out at least 3 applications to different hospitals. )If you are qualified , the hospital will usually call you to set up for a face to face interview...Ideally it would be nice if the hospital you are applying to will interview you the week after your graduation ...Hopefully your job offer will follow the week after : try searching for nursing job vacancies here :
District Health Boards Link

Your CAP school will forward all your documents to the NCNZ immediately after graduation. Waiting time for your REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE (like your PRC board certificate) to arrive varies (could be 2-4 weeks)


Upon receipt of the Registration Certificate , you will also receive an application form for the ANNUAL PRACTISING CERTIFICATE , fill up the form and mail it back to the NCNZ together with the payment and CERTIFICATE OF EMPLOYMENT WITH TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS RENDERED (you can pay thru credit card or cheque).. Waiting time for the APC could be another 2-4 weeks .

You can now apply for your WORK VISA(you can download the application form at the immigration website) . Bring the JOB OFFER , REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE , school docs, passport, medicals and xray (if they will require a new one) and all other documentary requirements at the nearest immigration office . Pay the corresponding fees and wait for your Work Permit (usually in a week or two)

If you already have your work VISA , sign your job offer / work contract and return it to the hospital .Wait for the arrival of your ANNUAL PRACTISING CERTIFICATE before you can start working.

You are now officially a New Zealand Registered Nurse ...

If you have a family waiting back in the Philippines you can now submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) for your PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA ...(a separate post is needed for this topic)


Yahoo! After the long wait you are now ready to fly to New Zealand. Here is a list of things to do before you leave .

  1. Call the CAP provider (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MANAGER) and arrange for an airport pick up. A van driver will pick you up and you need to pay him 80NZD more or less.(Auckland to Rotorua --example lang)
  2. Bring winter clothes (long sleeves , thick jackets etc) remember even if it is Summer Season in New Zealand the weather is too cold for us Pinoys.
  3. Do your shopping here , clothes , shoes , Medicines etc ..or whatever you need to bring to NZ...remember you are only allowed 1 checked-in luggage at 20 kilos and one hand carried bag at 7 kilos ..So pack light ....bring only the essentials...
  4. 2 weeks before you leave , renew your NBI Clearance and secure a Police Clearance from your local police ..You need this for your Work Permit Application
  5. Bring enough money to last you for 3 mos or more in New Zealand ..the more allowance the better. remember that Hostel stay costs around 125-150NZD per week . Meals around 4-5NZD per meal plus transportation and misc expenses! Do the MATH!
  6. For your pocket money , it would be advisable to exchange your Peso to NZ dollar while you are still in the Philippines. (try to buy NZD sa ANZ Bank or HSBC Bank) . Second choice would be to bring US dollars . Avoid bringing your Peso to New Zealand (sobrang talo ka sa exchange rate doon)
  7. Bring all necessary documents that you think you will need in NZ in the future
  8. You may want to call your friendly cargo box forwarder (you cand send 1 balikbayan box 20x20x20 size --irregardless of weight at around 160-180nzd / box ) - if you still need to send some of your stuff to NZ . But send your stuff if you already have your work permit so that it would be tax free . ( Avoid sending food and agricultural products)
  9. Pray and thank God that you made it this far....
more tips to come if we think of something worthwhile to post here....


You need to apply for a VISITORS VISA (click here) for the Application Form 1017(updated May 2009 form). (click here )for the Visitors Visa/Permit
Guide Form 1018 (updated July 27, 2009) . Since you will be studying in New Zealand for less than 3 mos. you only need a visitors visa instead of a student visa.

5.1 First thing to do is to CALL the VIA CENTER in MANILA and ask for the CHECKLIST of REQUIREMENTS for NURSES who will take the CAP.

taken from the New Zealand Embassy Website : start quote :

How will I be able lodge a visa application to visit New Zealand?

Clients will be able to lodge applications by courier by calling the number listed below. Clients will also be able to lodge a visa application in person at the VIA centre.

The Call Centre & Courier

From within the Philippines: (2) 845 9222
From New Zealand: 00632 845 9222

Customer Service Representatives will be available to assist callers from 6:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday.

The VIA centre will be there to provide a service for clients to personally lodge visa applications or obtain information. No prior appointments will be needed to visit the VIA centre.

The VIA centre will have computer facilities and provide free internet browsing on Immigration New Zealand websites. Clients may also download application forms and information.

Mailed visa applications can not be accepted at the VIA centre.

The VIA centre is located at:

Unit 1003, 10/F One Corporate Plaza
845 Antonio Arnaiz Ave (Pasay Rd)
Makati City

Please note: From Monday 30 October 2006 visa applicants will no longer be able to lodge a visa application at the New Zealand Embassy in Manila. end of quote

5.2 Choose from the Panel of Doctors for your MEDICAL AND XRAY . (click here) for the list of Panel of Doctors (search for Philippines). For your Medicals you need to bring the Health and Xray Form 1007 9(updated July 2009) - 16 pages ( click here) , passport , 6 passport size picture and fees (7500-8000PHP) . Wait for 7-14 days . (email us if you want our opinion re doctors, processing times etc...)

5.3 IF you already have all the required documents you are now ready to submit the documents to the VIA CENTER . You need to submit the original docs and 1 photocopy of each.
If you are from Metro Manila you can submit the docs personally and if you are from the province you can call the VSA CENTER and arrange for a pick up. Be ready with the 4200PHP fee(as of August 30, 2009) (Managers Check only) they do not accept cash. (Call the VIA center for the updated visa fees)

LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR NURSES (call the VIA Center for the exact checklist and fees
  1. Nursing documents (transcript ,diploma, PRC license , board certificate)
  2. IELTS Test Result
  3. Medical and Xray Results (sealed)
  4. 4200PHP Managers Check (check payable to NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION SERVICE) call the VIA centre first for the exact amount
  5. Passport (be sure that its valid for one year)
  6. Itinerary (Round trip airline booking --QANTAS , CATHAY , SINGAPORE AIRLINE or whatever airline you choose -make a 3-4 mos stay booking)
  7. Application Form 1017
  8. Bank Certificate ( evidence of funds --bank account in your name with at least 1000NZD per month of stay plus cost of airline ticket --that amounts to around 150,000PHP)
  9. passport size photo
  10. OFFER OF PLACE from CAP provider.
  12. Guarantee of Accomodation - Usually indicated in Offer of Place . Accomodation is guaranteed by the CAP provider.
  13. Official Receipt of tuition fee payment from CAP provider.
  14. Birth / Marriage Certificate
  15. Certificate of Employment
  16. C.V.
Submit the requirements and wait for the VISA OFFICER to contact you if you still need to submit additional documents . If everything is in place expect your visa to be released in 2-3 weeks.

Now that you have your VISITORS VISA ---its time to fly to NZ and bid goodbye to your Motherland!


NOTE : IF your VISIT VISA indicates "OUTWARD PASSAGE WAIVED" it means that you are only required to purchase a one way ticket.


Now that you already have your OFFER OF PLACE, next step would be to pay your tuition fees . The exact amount is indicated on the OFFER OF PLACE. There are two ways to send your payment

1. Pay thru credit card if you have a very large Credit Limit or

2. Pay thru cash (Philippine Peso) at the ANZ Bank in Makati. Bring the Offer of Place , your passport plus additional ID ( drivers license , PRC ID) will do and your cash . bring extra cash for the bank charges.

3. Or if you have a dollar account in your local bank, you could ask them if you could make a telegraphic transfer to your CAP provider's NZ bank

address :23rd Floor GT Tower International 6813 Ayala Avenue cor. H.V. dela Costa Street Makati City phone : 02 818-8117

Scan /email or fax the telegraphic transfer form to the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COORDINATOR of your chosen school . Then they will send you the OFFICIAL RECEIPT thru email or snail mail .You need it for you visa application.


While waiting for the Approval Letter from NCNZ , you can now look for your potential school for the CAP .List of CAP PROVIDERS - update May 26, 2010

. Most Pinoys/Pinays study at Waiariki Tech in Rotorua , Whiteria in Wellington , CPIT in Christchurch , Unitec in Auckland and Wintec in Hamilton . But its your choice actually on where to study . Click on their respective websites and make some inquiries regarding tuition fees , requirements , accomodations etc...Start dates for the CAP are usually in January , March , June , August and October each year , but it varies from school to school so it would be wise to email them for the skeds. Tuition fees (excluding board and lodging--thats why you need lots of baon!)as of June 2007 ranges from 4000-4700NZD(includes medical and insurance fees) for the CAP which usually lasts for 6-8 weeks (again depending on the school).

Assuming that you already have your NCNZ APPROVAL LETTER , next step would be to submit your application for CAP to your chosen CAP provider . Requirements usually varies from different schools but we will try to give you a generic list of requirements so that you can prepare it in advance . They need a Notarized Copy of each document

  1. Highschool diploma
  2. Nursing Documents - Transcript , PRC license , Board certificate , Diploma
  3. Character /Professional References
  4. IELTS Test Result
  5. Vaccines (Certification from your doctor) usually for HEPA B, C , T.B , Rubella , Chicken Pox , Measels and Polio
  6. CV
  7. School Application Form
  8. NCNZ Approval Letter
Submit all the required documents , and wait (usually about 1 month) for them to send you the OFFER OF PLACE.

STEP 2.5 : SUBMIT FORMS STAGE 1 then proceed to STAGE 2

Whew! Now you are ready to submit the forms back to NCNZ . Checklist : Application Form , Payment Form , Authenticated copies of Marriage Certificate (if applicable) & PRC Board Certificate,
Notarized Copy of Passport , CV , original Employment Certificate , Certified copy of IELTS and original NBI clearance.

Mail it directly to NCNZ INTERNATIONAL REGISTRATIONS at this address
Postal address: PO Box 9644
New Zealand
Street address: Level 12
Mid City Tower
139-143 Willis Street
New Zealand

+64 4 385 9589


PS. You can use EMS (4-5 days) , DHL or FEDEX . Now the waiting game begins , if everything is in order you will receive a letter from NCNZ within 5-10 working days stating that they received your application and you will be given a reference number and two more forms to complete. (PRC verification request form and Transcript Request form.)



Bring the PRC VERIFICATION REQUEST FORM (also called LETTER OF GOOD STANDING ) to PRC , pay the fees and ask the PRC to mail it NCNZ.

Bring the TRANSCRIPT VERIFICATION REQUEST FORM to your School Registrar, Pay the fees and ask the your school to mail it back to NCNZ. (Just make sure that all subjects that are required by NCNZ as per CRITERIA 3 will be reflected on the transcript
verification form)

Your school and PRC should mail back the two forms to the NCNZ. Now you are done with STAGE 2.. All you have to do is wait for 20-40 working days for the NCNZ approval or if you would need to submit additional documentations.


2.4.1 Go to your nearest NBI clearance center and request for a clearance (PURPOSE : TRAVEL ABROAD) . Smile for the camera and pay 115Php

2.4.2 You can now include the certified true copy / notarized IELTS (all band 7.0) or OET test results to your NCNZ application form.

2.4.3 Write a good CV (Curriculum Vitae )(a detailed CV-with all your Post Nursing Registration work experience , with job description, nursing duties and responsibilites, and all trainings attended) . refer to the Guide to Registration as Nurse in New Zealand for details or better yet ask other forum members for the correct format/guidelines.

2.4.4. Please request from your employer an Employment Certificate which will indicate the total number of hours work/rendered and its inclusive dates. Please submit this to the Nursing Council as well.

(from the NCNZ website : ALL overseas applicants must supply evidence of nursing practice hours for the past 3 years while registered as a nurse .This must be in written format and verified by their employers.)

send all documents above together with your application form, references and payment. Please refer to NCNZ checklist


Refer to application form CONFIDENTIAL REFERENCE REQUEST FORM. As of OCT 2010

You need one (1) character reference . Ask your friend to write a good reference letter for you ( the format is included in the forms or the details that they need to indicate). Have him sign it together with their contact details (fone numbers and email address)

You also need two (2) professional references , preferably your nurse manager/HR/Senior Nurse on your workplace. Ask them nicely for a good professional reference letter (again refer to the form for format etc...) Be sure that it will be written on an OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD .Have them sign it together with their work contact details (work fone numbers and email address)

The 3 references must be in a sealed envelope. Send it together with your application form .


Documents that needs to be authenticated by DFA and Embassy : Marriage Certificate (if married) , PRC Board Certificate

Passport (photocopy only and notarized by a Notary Public) .(no need to bring to DFA and Embassy for authentication.

Please ignore the Malacanang step in authentication of documents...They removed that step April of 2007...

2.2.1 Request for a Certified True Copy of your PRC Board Certificate . Pay the required fees and then PRC will FORWARD it to DFA for authentication. You will be given a claim stub. Then you can claim it at the DFA after 2 weeks.

2.2.2 Request for a copy of yourMarriage Certificate at the NSO. Then bring the documents to the DFA for authentication. Pay the required fees (Php100 per doc) and claim it after 2 weeks.

note: New location of DFA Authentication & Passport Service : corner Bradco and Macapagal Ave. ASEANA Business Park near Mall of ASIA . contact numbers :02)737-1000, (02) 831-8971, (02) 551-4437 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (02) 551-4437      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, (02) 551-4402, (02)834-4855 and (02) 834-4424.

2.2.4 Photocopy the first page of your passport (the one with your passport details) . Go to a legitimate Notary Public and have it Notarized as a Certified True Copy. No need to have it authenticated at the DFA and the Embassy.

2.2.5 Assuming that you already have the authenticated documents from DFA in hand plus your Notarized passport copy. Now call the New Zealand Embassy and ask for the schedule of authentication of documents (They only accept authentication twice or thrice a week and for a certain time period during the morning -- so it would be prudent to call them first for the skeds)

New Zealand Embassy
23rd Floor, BPI Buendia Centre
Sen Gil Puyat Avenue,
PO Box 3228, MCPO 1272
Makati City Philippines
Telephone:(632) 891-5358 to 67 or (632) 891-3272 to 75
Facsimile:(632) 891-5353

Have your documents( Marriage certificate (if applicable), PRC Board Certificate only) authenticated again by the New Zealand Embassy (1740PHP per doc).as of Jan 2008... Waiting time around an hour , you can claim it the same day.


Fill up the application form and have it notarized by a legitimate Notary Public. You need to enclose 485 NZD for the application fee . The best way is to use a credit card . If you do not have a credit card , you can borrow your parents credit card and have them sign the form. Then wait until you have all the other requirements before you return/submit the form to NCNZ. (please download / use the current application form dated October 2010)


We assume that you already took the IELTS and you got a total band score of 7.0 or higher!

This is part is a very long and tedious process but if you have the patience you will be able to finish it in no time! We will break the process into sub steps for easy reading.

First you need to visit and read the Nursing Council of New Zealand website. ( click here

Please download and read the APPLICATION GUIDE OCTOBER 2010


Then download the APPLICATION FORM OCTOBER 2010 comply with the documentary requirements and submit to NCNZ together with the payment. THIS WILL BE THE STAGE 1 of the APPLICATION PROCESS

after the NCNZ receives your STAGE 1 Application Form, they will send you two more forms (PRC Verification Form and Transcript Verification Form) THIS IS STAGE 2. Submit it to PRC and your school and return it to NCNZ..


You need an IELTS (ACADEMIC MODULE) total band score of 7.0 and you need to score at least 7.0 in all bands

you can schedule for an IELTS Exam at IDP Philippines ( click here ) or at the British Council Philippines (click here) . Good Luck!

Summary of steps for NURSING IN NEW ZEALAND

Steps Simplified ( We will post a detailed step by step and tips later)

1. You need to take IELTS , 7.0 in all bands.
2. Apply at the Nursing Council of New Zealand (they will give you an approval letter so that you can apply for CAP )
3. Apply for the CAP in an accredited CAP provider ( they will give you an Offer of Place - you need this to be able to apply for a Visa.
4. Pay the school Fees.
5. Apply for a Visitors Visa
6. Go to New Zealand and finish the CAP.
7. Apply for a nursing license at NCNZ
8. Apply for a job and secure a job offer
9. Apply for a work permit
10. Start working!


here's a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS...if you have some questions that you feel that should be included in the list , then contact us by all means...We will try to add some more if we think of something NEW

1. I am a new graduate and I don't have any work experience , can I still apply?

We suggest that you work first for at LEAST 3 MONTHS before starting your application with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ). And then continue working while waiting for you NCNZ and visa approval. Wouldn't it be nice if you will be arriving in New Zealand and you are well qualified to do your nursing job. And starting salary in New Zealand is dependent on your previous work experience , the longer work experience you have the larger your starting salary.

2. My IELTS score is 7.0 but I have a 6.5 score in one area, is that OK?

No. We suggest that you retake the IELTS.

3. I am an RN but my IELTS score is just 6.5 , can i apply for the Health Care Assistant course instead?

We suggest that you retake the IELTS and aim to get a band 7.0 score , you are a RN , why would you apply as a HCA???

4. Do I really need to take the Nursing Competency Assessment Program ( CAP)?


5. How long does it take to finish the processing of all the requirements ?

It depends on how fast/accurate you submit your documents. But give yourself at least 9-12 months from the time you apply with the NCNZ to arrival in NZ.

6. How much does it cost, if I will do the processing on my own?

We estimate that if you have 400-450k PHP you will be safe . It includes tuition fee , NCNZ fees , IELTS , immunization status , medicals , visa fee , one way plane fare , misc fees , documentations , courier fees and enough baon for your board and lodging for 3 months in New Zealand .

7. How long does it take to finish the CAP program and the current waiting time for NCNZ license issuance / work permit issuance?

CAP takes around 6-8 weeks to finish (depending on school) . License issuance3-4 weeks plus work permit issuance 2-3 weeks .

8. Can I work while studying for the CAP or while waiting for the license/work permit ?


9. Are there any exams after the CAP?


10. How long does it take before my family can join me in New Zealand?

If you already have a working permit , expect to wait for at least 3 months to 6 months before your family can join you in NZ.

11. Do I need to have an agency to be able to register , apply for CAP , find work in New Zealand?


12. How long do I have to wait for my Nursing License, Annual Practicing Certificate and Job offer after the Competency program?

Be prepared to wait for at least 6 weeks before you can start working after the CAP.

Are you qualified?

Basic qualifications that you need to have

  1. you are a licensed Registered Nurse in the Philippines and of good standing.

  2. you have at least a relevant 24 MONTHS PAID POST REGISTRATION WORK EXPERIENCE (as recommended by NCNZ - so that you will have a good chance of securing a slot for CAP and work afterwards) --or email the NCNZ to verify.
  3. you are of good health and character
  4. you have an IELTS score of 7.0 in all areas
then if you are qualified then read on.............

a letter from NCNZ re Work Experience Requirement (Oct 2010)

It is recommended that you have at least 2 years work experience working as a
registered nurse before applying for New Zealand registration as this will help with
employment prospects. Also if you are required to complete a competence
assessment programme, many of the competence assessment programme providers
will not enrol anyone who does not have 2 years work experience. It is also getting
harder to get into the programmes because the demand is high. It is preferable
that you are in paid employment as a registered nurse working in a clinical setting

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nursing in New Zealand

So you are a Licensed Registered Nurse in the Philippines eh? And you are not sure about the current retrogression issue in the US huh? And now you are seriously considering trying your luck in New Zealand , well this site is for you. But , have you really done your homework/research about life in New Zealand for migrants? (I suggest that you do your research first!) .Then if you are really sure , then continue reading , this site might be helpful to you.

Getting licensed as a Registered Nurse in New Zealand is no easy task , it involves a lot of steps which consumes time and money of course! But you do not have to worry since all that you have to know is already in the internet . All you have to do is read and understand the important websites and viola you are ready to start with the processing. Save your self a few bucks ( or thousands perhaps!) Do your own research and let this site be a helpful guide to you.

P.S. We are not an agency , we do not earn a single centavo out of this . This site serves only as a guide of the whole process . We advise that you visit and read the relevant websites for updated informations/fee . We are not in any way responsible for your application. Some information contained in this site is based on actual experiences of previous applicants , individual applicants are assessed based on their submitted documents , which are assessed on a case to case basis.