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You need to apply for a VISITORS VISA (click here) for the Application Form 1017(updated May 2009 form). (click here )for the Visitors Visa/Permit
Guide Form 1018 (updated July 27, 2009) . Since you will be studying in New Zealand for less than 3 mos. you only need a visitors visa instead of a student visa.

5.1 First thing to do is to CALL the VIA CENTER in MANILA and ask for the CHECKLIST of REQUIREMENTS for NURSES who will take the CAP.

taken from the New Zealand Embassy Website : start quote :

How will I be able lodge a visa application to visit New Zealand?

Clients will be able to lodge applications by courier by calling the number listed below. Clients will also be able to lodge a visa application in person at the VIA centre.

The Call Centre & Courier

From within the Philippines: (2) 845 9222
From New Zealand: 00632 845 9222

Customer Service Representatives will be available to assist callers from 6:00am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and 8:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday.

The VIA centre will be there to provide a service for clients to personally lodge visa applications or obtain information. No prior appointments will be needed to visit the VIA centre.

The VIA centre will have computer facilities and provide free internet browsing on Immigration New Zealand websites. Clients may also download application forms and information.

Mailed visa applications can not be accepted at the VIA centre.

The VIA centre is located at:

Unit 1003, 10/F One Corporate Plaza
845 Antonio Arnaiz Ave (Pasay Rd)
Makati City

Please note: From Monday 30 October 2006 visa applicants will no longer be able to lodge a visa application at the New Zealand Embassy in Manila. end of quote

5.2 Choose from the Panel of Doctors for your MEDICAL AND XRAY . (click here) for the list of Panel of Doctors (search for Philippines). For your Medicals you need to bring the Health and Xray Form 1007 9(updated July 2009) - 16 pages ( click here) , passport , 6 passport size picture and fees (7500-8000PHP) . Wait for 7-14 days . (email us if you want our opinion re doctors, processing times etc...)

5.3 IF you already have all the required documents you are now ready to submit the documents to the VIA CENTER . You need to submit the original docs and 1 photocopy of each.
If you are from Metro Manila you can submit the docs personally and if you are from the province you can call the VSA CENTER and arrange for a pick up. Be ready with the 4200PHP fee(as of August 30, 2009) (Managers Check only) they do not accept cash. (Call the VIA center for the updated visa fees)

LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR NURSES (call the VIA Center for the exact checklist and fees
  1. Nursing documents (transcript ,diploma, PRC license , board certificate)
  2. IELTS Test Result
  3. Medical and Xray Results (sealed)
  4. 4200PHP Managers Check (check payable to NEW ZEALAND IMMIGRATION SERVICE) call the VIA centre first for the exact amount
  5. Passport (be sure that its valid for one year)
  6. Itinerary (Round trip airline booking --QANTAS , CATHAY , SINGAPORE AIRLINE or whatever airline you choose -make a 3-4 mos stay booking)
  7. Application Form 1017
  8. Bank Certificate ( evidence of funds --bank account in your name with at least 1000NZD per month of stay plus cost of airline ticket --that amounts to around 150,000PHP)
  9. passport size photo
  10. OFFER OF PLACE from CAP provider.
  12. Guarantee of Accomodation - Usually indicated in Offer of Place . Accomodation is guaranteed by the CAP provider.
  13. Official Receipt of tuition fee payment from CAP provider.
  14. Birth / Marriage Certificate
  15. Certificate of Employment
  16. C.V.
Submit the requirements and wait for the VISA OFFICER to contact you if you still need to submit additional documents . If everything is in place expect your visa to be released in 2-3 weeks.

Now that you have your VISITORS VISA ---its time to fly to NZ and bid goodbye to your Motherland!


NOTE : IF your VISIT VISA indicates "OUTWARD PASSAGE WAIVED" it means that you are only required to purchase a one way ticket.


Jinkee said...

hello kapitbahay,

Original docs ba dapat ang ipapasa para sa VV application?

rose said...

ask ko lang po kung ung bank certificate kailangan po tlga under my name? or pwde po sa mom ko as like sponsor?