Friday, September 21, 2007


Fill up the application form and have it notarized by a legitimate Notary Public. You need to enclose 485 NZD for the application fee . The best way is to use a credit card . If you do not have a credit card , you can borrow your parents credit card and have them sign the form. Then wait until you have all the other requirements before you return/submit the form to NCNZ. (please download / use the current application form dated October 2010)


nian12 said...

just want you to know you've been a big help to me.. I've finished all my requirements (followed your step-by-step guide) and I plan to submit them possibly next week.
My problem is i don't have a credit card. My mother has, but she's in another country. She sent me money in US dollars to pay the fee. I don't know what to do na. should i buy NZ$? I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have it enclosed in my application letter, baka mwala.
I hope you can help me. How do I pay the council?
Thank u so much.

nurse2nz said...

to nian12:

ur welcome , glad to be of help to you. your only option is to pay thru international bank draft . Bring your Dollars /or Peso = of 485NZD to the ANZ bank in GT Tower Makati and request for an international bank draft payable to NCNZ...Just bring an ID and your passport when you go to the ANZ BANK

nian12 said...

Salamat ulit for the prompt response.
I hope you can help me again next time. God bless!

Jason said...

hi! im really interested in being an NZRN. i have ben reading this blog and found it really helpful. i just want to know however, how updated these threads are. I really appreciate the people behind this blog who are tirelessly helping out fellow Nurses who are in such dire need of work. MORE POWER!

BEE-Jay said...

Hello! I am a nurse from the Philippines. I just forwarded documents for the first step process. I have been thinking if I made a mistake in entry for the Application form where I wrote ENROLLED NURSE. was I correct in doing that? or should I contact them and make corrections? Because I think I read that it should be an application for an ENROLLED NURSE if you are an overseas NURse. or should it be a Registered Nurse? Please help me on this. thanks. Godbless

Anonymous said...

thanks for all these insightful infos admin. you're the best! :-)

nurse2nz said...

@BEEJAY - it should be Registered Nurse. contact the NCNZ immediately and explain to them that you made a mistake