Friday, September 21, 2007


Yahoo! After the long wait you are now ready to fly to New Zealand. Here is a list of things to do before you leave .

  1. Call the CAP provider (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS MANAGER) and arrange for an airport pick up. A van driver will pick you up and you need to pay him 80NZD more or less.(Auckland to Rotorua --example lang)
  2. Bring winter clothes (long sleeves , thick jackets etc) remember even if it is Summer Season in New Zealand the weather is too cold for us Pinoys.
  3. Do your shopping here , clothes , shoes , Medicines etc ..or whatever you need to bring to NZ...remember you are only allowed 1 checked-in luggage at 20 kilos and one hand carried bag at 7 kilos ..So pack light ....bring only the essentials...
  4. 2 weeks before you leave , renew your NBI Clearance and secure a Police Clearance from your local police ..You need this for your Work Permit Application
  5. Bring enough money to last you for 3 mos or more in New Zealand ..the more allowance the better. remember that Hostel stay costs around 125-150NZD per week . Meals around 4-5NZD per meal plus transportation and misc expenses! Do the MATH!
  6. For your pocket money , it would be advisable to exchange your Peso to NZ dollar while you are still in the Philippines. (try to buy NZD sa ANZ Bank or HSBC Bank) . Second choice would be to bring US dollars . Avoid bringing your Peso to New Zealand (sobrang talo ka sa exchange rate doon)
  7. Bring all necessary documents that you think you will need in NZ in the future
  8. You may want to call your friendly cargo box forwarder (you cand send 1 balikbayan box 20x20x20 size --irregardless of weight at around 160-180nzd / box ) - if you still need to send some of your stuff to NZ . But send your stuff if you already have your work permit so that it would be tax free . ( Avoid sending food and agricultural products)
  9. Pray and thank God that you made it this far....
more tips to come if we think of something worthwhile to post here....

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