Friday, September 21, 2007


2.4.1 Go to your nearest NBI clearance center and request for a clearance (PURPOSE : TRAVEL ABROAD) . Smile for the camera and pay 115Php

2.4.2 You can now include the certified true copy / notarized IELTS (all band 7.0) or OET test results to your NCNZ application form.

2.4.3 Write a good CV (Curriculum Vitae )(a detailed CV-with all your Post Nursing Registration work experience , with job description, nursing duties and responsibilites, and all trainings attended) . refer to the Guide to Registration as Nurse in New Zealand for details or better yet ask other forum members for the correct format/guidelines.

2.4.4. Please request from your employer an Employment Certificate which will indicate the total number of hours work/rendered and its inclusive dates. Please submit this to the Nursing Council as well.

(from the NCNZ website : ALL overseas applicants must supply evidence of nursing practice hours for the past 3 years while registered as a nurse .This must be in written format and verified by their employers.)

send all documents above together with your application form, references and payment. Please refer to NCNZ checklist


dynah said...

it would be very helpful for me if you could give me the correct format in making the cv.
thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

help. . .I am already a Permanent Visa holder but i don't have a work experience as a nurse since i just passed the nursing board last December. What should I do? I don't know who to approach for my Professional reference. . can i apply without any working experience? I'm really confused. . .


nurse2nz said...


AFAIK , the NCNZ now requires one year post registration work experience...I suggest that you email the nursing council directly , they are in the best position to give a feedback regarding your registration.



Anonymous said...

Good day.

I have two questions:

Could I still be eligible to apply and work in NEW Zealand if my post nursing experience is only a volunteer nurse for 1 year?

Are SSS number and TIN necessary before i could be eligible to apply and work in New Zealand? Because as of this time I only have SSS number.
thank You.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Can I use a police clearance instead of an nbi clearance. It's purpose is still for working abroad. thank you

nurse2nz said...

you can not use a police clearance..They specifically said that an NBI clearance is needed (or from your National Police not Local Police)

hirogie said...

hi, can I just send a notarised copy of my IELTS result? or am i required to send the original copy? I'm confused because in the checklist form of NCNZ, it specifically requires the original copy to be sent along with the rest of the documents and that copies other than the original (like certified true copies) will not be accepted. My dilemma now, is that if i send the original copy, I would no longer have any original copy left with me since IELTS IDP does not give extra original copies of results. Thank you.

nurse2nz said...


just wait for new annoncement of ncnz by end of september,, maybe by then they will post their new requirements as well as new application form. Pero me new version nun application form that they released late july ata, Nakalagay dun na pwedeng certified true copy na lang ang IELTS test result form.

Anonymous said...

i have a question regarding ielts...i did get a 7 and 8 at reading, listening and speaking. but if failed to get 7 in writing. is it possible to submit two ielts results wherein i got a 7 score in writing? thanks