Thursday, November 13, 2008


STAGE 1 documents

The following documents must be sent together:

1. Application Form 3

2. Fees Payment Form 4

3. Curriculum Vitae (detailed - with Job description, Nursing duties and responsibilities , traninings and educational background)

4. Passport ( Notarized Copy)

5. Marriage Certificate (NS0- Authenticated by DFA and NZ Embassy)

6. PRC Board Certificate (PRC - Authenticated by DFA and NZ Embassy)

7. NBI Clearance (Original and 6 months valid)

8. Two (2) Professional References Form 8( dated and in official Letterhead)

9. One (1) Character Reference Form 9 (dated)

10. Certificate of Employment ( dated and with total number of hours worked as an RN)

11. Certified True Copy / Notarized IELTS test result (7.0 in all bands) (IDP or British Council)

STAGE 2 documents

The following documents must be sent directly to NCNZ by PRC ,andyour Nursing School

2. Verification Request Form (PRC)

3. Transcript Request Form (Transcript with detailed course outline/description/syllabus) (School)

note: please refer to this CRITERIA FOR REGISTRATION and make sure that all subjects listed in criteria 3 will appear on your course outline/syllabus/course description. If there are subjects that are incorporated into other subjects, make sure that your registrar/dean will include a letter explaining in details what subjects are incorporated into other subjects.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

To all first time visitors

You can start reading all articles posted last Sept 2007 and work your way up... Please join us at the Nurse2NZ forums at , if you want to ask a particular question regarding nursing in New Zealand. We now have more than 300 Nurse2NZ members who are more than willing to assist you with all your queries regarding nursing in New Zealand... Please register at the forums and wait for the moderator to activate your account... Upon activation of your forum account , please make/post a short introduction at the Members Forum ...Thank you and good luck to all.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Now you are officially a Registered Nurse in New Zealand and you are a holder of valid work permit . Its now time to apply for a permanent resident visa / permit assuming that your family is still in the Philippines . A NZ Permanent Resident receives free health care benefits , free or subsidized education and most of all you will not have a hard time securing bank loans / credit card if you're a Permanent Resident.

Step 1. Visit the ...Download and study the EOI(Expression of Interest) guide and create an online EOI account .(Permanent Resident Application or Skilled Migrant Category as they call it is based on points system , current passing score is 140 pts...If you are a nurse , you need not worry coz for sure you can get more than 140 pts)...Complete the EOI and submit online . Pay 400nzd online by credit card.

note : Sa EOI , included na ang application ng husband/wife plus kids

Step 2. Wait for the EOI to be selected from the Pool , they will send you an email , letter or online change of status that your EOI was selected.

Step 3. After 2-3 weeks you will receive an email/letter from the VISA OFFICER called the ITA (Invitation to Apply) stating that you are invited to apply for Permanent Resident . Included in the letter are the required documents that you need to submit and a ITA form.(for some of the documents you can submit a certified true copy---you can have it certified in NZ at the Justice of Peace for free.) an original copy is needed for some of the documents

Step 4. Gather all the documents needed ---(refer to the letter of your VO for the reqt)

example :

1. Birth Certificate of everyone
2. marriage certificate
3. your IELTS test result , partners IELTS (5.0 or 6.5 if claiming bonus points ) and kids (IELTS 5.0 for kids ages 16 up)
4. complete medicals and xrays for everyone.
5. valid NBI and police clearance for everyone if kid is 16 yrs old above (must be less than 6 mos. old)
6. valid passports for everyone
7. NCNZ registration certificate , CAP school certificate , job contract with hospital
8. and mostly the same documents that you presented for your work permit application..

Submit the documents with the ITA form and pay 1400nzd as ITA fee.

Step 5. After 2 weeks or more , all the original documents that you submitted will be returned to you ....The waiting time begins...(wait for the approval in principle letter --- fastest time would be 6 weeks to 12 weeks or even more -depends on the visa officer) ...You will receive and email/letter that your application is approved in principle and you are instructed to pay the migrant levy tax of 300nzd /person at the nearest Immigration Office and submit passport for stamping.

Step 6. Pay the migrant levy tax and submit passport for visa stamping . The passport will be returned after a week or two... Viola you are now a New Zealand Permanent Resident . Send the passport back home to your husband/wife and kids , purchase a one-way airline ticket to NZ and let them fly to NZ. Pick them up at the airport and you are now a one big happy family.

note : Since you will be filing your EOI in New Zealand , your application will be handled by NZIS NZ branch... You will not deal with the New Zealand Embassy Manila branch thru the whole course of your application...Everything will be done/filed in NZ ... (except for your partners /kids medicals and xray )