Thursday, November 13, 2008


STAGE 1 documents

The following documents must be sent together:

1. Application Form 3

2. Fees Payment Form 4

3. Curriculum Vitae (detailed - with Job description, Nursing duties and responsibilities , traninings and educational background)

4. Passport ( Notarized Copy)

5. Marriage Certificate (NS0- Authenticated by DFA and NZ Embassy)

6. PRC Board Certificate (PRC - Authenticated by DFA and NZ Embassy)

7. NBI Clearance (Original and 6 months valid)

8. Two (2) Professional References Form 8( dated and in official Letterhead)

9. One (1) Character Reference Form 9 (dated)

10. Certificate of Employment ( dated and with total number of hours worked as an RN)

11. Certified True Copy / Notarized IELTS test result (7.0 in all bands) (IDP or British Council)

STAGE 2 documents

The following documents must be sent directly to NCNZ by PRC ,andyour Nursing School

2. Verification Request Form (PRC)

3. Transcript Request Form (Transcript with detailed course outline/description/syllabus) (School)

note: please refer to this CRITERIA FOR REGISTRATION and make sure that all subjects listed in criteria 3 will appear on your course outline/syllabus/course description. If there are subjects that are incorporated into other subjects, make sure that your registrar/dean will include a letter explaining in details what subjects are incorporated into other subjects.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, kung tama po pagkakaintindi ko, kasama na din po sa pag mail ng application yung mga professional at character references na letter?