Friday, February 6, 2009

2009 Guidelines for Overseas Applicants

Please read the click on the link below :
Internationally qualified nurses applying for registration in New Zealand

updated link: March 2010

Guidelines and application form (March2009version)

Application Criteria to join the New Zealand Register


Anonymous said...

What is the required working experience for us overseas nurse not to have any delay or problem in our application, particularly for CAP? I find it confusing because some of the thread says 3 years, then there is 6 mos. I want to know what is the minimum? Please.. Thank you

nurse2nz said...

better to email the nursing council seems na paiba iba ang requirement nila. Pls remember na iba iba din ang requirement ng CAP schools. (1 year for some & others ay 2 yrs. ) Then for applying for work naman iba din. Medyo nahihirapan makahanap ng hospital work ang may mga 1 yr work experience lang.. Lamang ka na sa application if you have 3 or more years na work experience.. They are becoming choosy na dahil sa dami na din ng nurse na nagaaply sa NZ ngayon.