Friday, September 21, 2007


Refer to application form CONFIDENTIAL REFERENCE REQUEST FORM. As of OCT 2010

You need one (1) character reference . Ask your friend to write a good reference letter for you ( the format is included in the forms or the details that they need to indicate). Have him sign it together with their contact details (fone numbers and email address)

You also need two (2) professional references , preferably your nurse manager/HR/Senior Nurse on your workplace. Ask them nicely for a good professional reference letter (again refer to the form for format etc...) Be sure that it will be written on an OFFICIAL LETTERHEAD .Have them sign it together with their work contact details (work fone numbers and email address)

The 3 references must be in a sealed envelope. Send it together with your application form .


Jinkee said...


2006 pa nag-start ang sister ko sa application nya. Nagsimula na syang mag-prepare ng mga docs. Pati yung confidential referees napadala na sa Nursing Council (around mid-2006 ata). Di pa nya napapasa yung application kasi ngayong Jan lang sya pumasa sa IELTS (ke-hirap naman kasi nung 7.0). Does she have to repeat the confidential referees part? Tinatago kaya nila yon? I would really appreciate the assistance.

nurse2nz said...

for sure tinatago nila yun , kaso mo kung mid 2006 pa sya nagpadala baka nasa dead files na nila yun. kasi your application will be open only for 12 months i guess... but to be sure email na lang niya ang nursing council , they really respond to email queries naman. pls. tell your sister to join us sa forums .



Anonymous said...

I volunteered in 2 intitutions but I'm planning to get my 2 referees in 1 hospital only. di kaya magtataka yong NZNC why walang referee coming from the other hospital? Masyado kasing maraming volunteers sa hospital na yon and i doubt if they still remember me paano pag magfofollow yong council? help naman po. .thanks