Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Latest bulletin -NCNZ Overseas Applications

Latest NCNZ Bulletin as of Sept 30, 2010,148,html/Overseas-Applications

Overseas Applications

The Nursing Council will be accepting new applications for registration from internationally qualified nurses (IQN) as from 1 October 2010.

Please click here to view the amended gazette notice.

The Nursing Council is currently changing the application process for IQNs applying for NZ registration. This becomes effective from 1 November 2010
. The application process under Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act will remain unchanged.

Further information will be provided shortly.

In the interim the Nursing Council will continue to accept applications from the application package currently available on the website, please click here for further information.


Anonymous said...

does this mean that they would change the requirements again? oh no, i'm halfway done na with my requirements...

ned1968 said...

hopefully not, I mean, hope they will make it easier for us for the processing and not making it more harder and comlicated. Let's cross our fingers for a positive outcome.

Anonymous said...

:( I have sent out my app pack since July. But they needed additional papers from my school and i sent em' out on 2nd week of August.

"Any new applications for registration from overseas applicants that are received fall into this category"

Does tat mean i have to wait till they have consulted? Don't tell me they gonna change the qualification requirements and ask me to start from all over again :'(

Anonymous said...

There isn't much change in the new amendment right? But I can't seem to understand fully letter C. under international registration.